agosto 24, 2005

Quem és tu de novo?


Beja, 2004

Last night i thought of the letters you wrote me. They made me feel one hundred years old. Blues skies and everlasting kisses. Me, always trying to look so hard. You, the innocent laughter and your sad smiling eyes. God, i hope that they didn’t take that away from you. You used to pray every morning the day’s not poison, remember?
I can’t regret enough the stupid words of pride i said to you that day. Or the lonely nights i put you through. I’m a self-made fool, i know. We all want to go to heaven but we’re always digging holes.
It’s all right ma, i’m only bleeding. Strike another match, go start anew. And just reach for the warmest thing to hold. Being alone is all the hills can do. Welcome to Sorryville.

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